Saturday, 22 October 2011

Frank Ocean Speaks On The Illuminati

Frank Ocean is one of the biggest artist to come out on top in 2011, writing songs for Beyonce, being featured on 'Watch The Thone' not once but twice and releasing one of the best mixtapes of the year 'Nostalgia/Ultra' but his affiliation with his hip hop group Odd Future and their front man Tyler The Creator who i recently did a post on regarding whether or not he was a devil worshipper or not, begs many to question what Frank thinks about it all. Well Frank responded to a question on his tumblr regarding his views on the Illuminati after the jump!

 And there you have it guilty by association is not always the case!


  1. See everyone jumps to illumanati but really its masonic symbolism, but also besides masonry there are literally hundreds of orders, it's estimated freemasonry has over 800 orders, so really its asked the wrong question, clearly this guy uses symbolism.

  2. Naw, he's there. That shits so deeper than symbolism, I come from a Masonic household. Symbolism is just an outward thing showing affiliation like gang flags and colors, but its meaningless if you dont understand the symbols, not just what they are called. Masons like to talk in code, something thats been done for centuries and is religious practice and habit so the lyrics have double meaning...look up John Lennon and "witch-language" and what they've done with Rock & Roll aka Blood & Sex magick music, he admits to having not a ONE SONG writtin in witch language, once again, for those who can "peep" the deeper meaning. Hip-Hop is the new Rock & Roll thanks to those who sold it out for money and let the corporate record label illuminati infiltrate as they did the very Masonic order itself and corrupted it as evil does everything. Yeah, hes working with Tyler, No church in the wild by BIGTIME freemason-hip hop frontman Jigga, and my favorite Pyramid. I wish more ppl would research before posting, yes they DO EXIST, yes trace the money trail to the top and THEY ARE THEIR...and its quite easy to join actually. You dont have to have alot of money now because the devil knows his time is short cuz there is a major event about to happen to all humankind which is gonna make us love each other because we will have to or die out in this event, they know it and are taking the neccessary steps to keep mankind locked on this demonic path, paying top dollar to their cattle to keep the sheeple-mind, dull and materialistic, more robotic, and most important LOVELESS...


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