Friday, 16 September 2011

Tyler The Creator: Devil Worshiper or just Controversial??

Tyler has been out for a few years now but it wouldn't be until his first video for his second album 'Goblin' dropped that a mainstream buzz would occur. Tyler released the video to 'Yonkers' in May of this year and the video shows that Tyler has demonic looks in his eyes as well as his Blasphemous lyrics on the track and the video ending with him hanging himself just threw up all off. Chris Brown first highlighted the satanic lyrics about his group Odd future during their TwitterBeef a few months back and although Frank Ocean is apart of Odd Future he doesn't seem to show the same views as his group members. If you go to Tyler's twitter bio you'll see he bares the Mark of the beast.
Just when everyone was getting used the fact that Jay-Z and Kanye West wasn't really apart of the illuminati along came Tyler!
On his twitter page he has the Mark of the best, is he worshiping the devil or is he just trying to create a controversial reaction. Well if his lyrics on Goblin are anything to go by I'd saying this is very debatable.

Tyler's Goblin album is dark, has blasphemous lyrics, lyrics that are beyond a joke and his visuals make sure they keep us talking. This year he won Best New Artist at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards so this looks like he will be around for a while.

Has Tyler taken it too far? Say Somethin' !

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