Friday, 16 September 2011

So who the hell is Kreayshawn.......??

No seriously who is this chick? So when I tell you that I'd never heard anything from this chick until an hour ago when my friend forced me to watch her 'Gucci Gucci' video on YouTube that wouldn't be a lie. Now Firstly my friend owes me 4 minutes back on my life for this joke. Secondly where do I begin? What is this mess? Is this what they calling Hip Hop? Not where I'm from cause the female hip hop I knew had real bars (see: Lil Kim Hardcore) a real message (Lauryn Hill Miseducation) real sex appeal (Foxy Brown before she gained weight) and real originally (Missy Elliot's music videos anyone?). This must be some joke the record company is marketing as hip hop and throwing her on a track with the Dog Father Snoop isn't going to cut it either, when was the last time Snoop dropped a real hip hop track??
This girl is a joke to hip hop music but I see they trying to Market her like another female rapper in the game right now who will remain nameless... as some gimmick rapper.
So how else do you create a buzz for yourself? Start a beef with Rick Ross? Is this girl serious I mean really tho (Loso Voice) does she think she's on that level? Does she think she's 50 Cent?
Well I'm giving her a few more months to ride that 15 minutes and leave hip hop to the real artists cause she's putting me off with that Linsey Lohan on crack look!

#OkImDone Breezy voice

So do you feel Kreayshawn is a joke to be labelled hip hop or do you believe she has what it takes?


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