Friday, 30 September 2011

Weezy Covers VIBE Magazine & talks London Riots.

I really have NO comment on this cover but check out what Weezy had to say about the London Riots after the jump!

I mean for someone who was actually in the London Riots witnessing everything first hand from Brixton South London to Croydon Surrey i was interested to hear Wayne's views on the state of the UK and what lead to the riots of 2011, Was it Hip Hop? as some stated was it parenting? was it the government? well i have my own opinion and here is Weezy's

"VIBE: Given that Cash Money artist Jay Sean is a native of the U.K., you probably have some strong feelings about the London riots and how some talking heads blamed it on hip-hop culture. 
LIL WAYNE: All you could do is pray for the people that were dealing with the situation and hope for the best. As far as them blaming hip-hop, you can blame Jesus for things, so you can't really fault anybody for blaming someone or something. All you can do is hope for the best. "

His response was very politically not trying to get caught up in the drama with a clear Yes or a clear No but me personally who lives in London No i don't think hip hop is to blame if anything it would be Grime music but again i don't think Grime is to blame. i saw it i was there and three things played a part;
  • Poor Parenting/Up Bringing
  • Lack of education/Government cuts
  • Opportunity
Anyway pick up a copy of  Lil' Wayne's October/November Vibe cover now!

Source: VIBE 

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