Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Common has been on the promotional round to support his new album which is in stores now, 'The Dreamer/The Believer' but while doing so he has been caught up in the beef between himself and Drake who took the bait from the 'Sweet' song Common dropped. Since then it has been a Who-Said-What as Drizzy has been firing shots back at Common recently:

 “I’d like to thank L.A and that whole west coast for showing me this mutha f**kin’ love. I will never stop doin’ this for ya’ll I don’t give a F**K if you got something to say to me, say it to my mutha f**kin’ face nigga, just because I sing I’m not no b**ch, so if you got something to say I’m right here. L.A I love you, you know what it is, I’ll see you soon! Take Care!” 

Drake dropped these shots HERE

What people forget to realise is the fact that Drake dissed Kanye first a year ago then now you have Common and Pusha T who are both G.O.O.D Music both taking shots at Drizzy and i feel this could somewhat be where this has all come from, that along with the fact that Drake has been seen out with Common's Ex Serena Williams. Anyway check out the interview with Sway on Shade45 and the Breakfast Club below for Common's reaction to the drama.


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